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Nander PS - Outdoor photography in Gothenburg
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Outdoor activities with pets in Gothenburg

I am a Spanish adventurer who loves finding the beauty of an outdoor lifestyle behind my camera.

As an Environmental scientist and marine biologist, I love transmitting knowledge about nature and show how to read nature through your senses.

In 2019, I moved to Gothenburg and I was fascinated about how present nature is around the city and developed a very close relationship with nature.

You will find me spending hours in the forest, taking cold swims, enjoying meals by the fire, kayaking in the endless lakes and sleeping under the stars. 

In 2022, I took a Nature guide course in Swedish Lapland to develop my survival skills. This course helped me learn how to use the natural resources that nature provides.

I'm passionate about helping others discover the wilderness around them and get a first hand experience in nature.

See you in the woods.

Hi! I'm Nander


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