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Photographer: Nander Palma Sevilla
Camera: Canon 6D Mark II - 50mm
Place: Övertorneå (Sweden)
Year: December 2022

During the winter 2022, me and some friends decided to spend New Years in a cottage. 

Is there something special about this? Well... First of all we rented a cottage 8km away from the closest road in the middle of Swedish Lapland, with temperatures that could go from -20 to -10. The cottage had no electricity nor water. Does these facts make it more interesting? There is more.

After more than 8 hours hiking (with less than 2 hours of daylight) and pulling sledges full of wood, food and things to survive for 4 days, we arrived to the cottage to realize everything was completely frozen, so the first thing we did was to start the fire, a fire that took more than 2 hours to start warming up the cottage.

The experience pinpointed an before and after in my life due to the hard conditions to do the hike with all the weight, and helped all of us face the New Year full of energy with kept us with the feet on ground until the day we forget about this trip.

The picture was taken during one of those long and cold winter nights, and that was the only way we had to warm up our food. 

Would you dare to repeat this experience?

Rustic Collection

The canvas structure enhances the natural look and feel of the image. 
- The canvas frames are made of FSC®-certified wood. If not available, PEFC or equivalent is used.
- Thin canvas has a 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2 inch) thick frame 
- Heavy canvas has a 4 cm (1.6 inch) thick frame
- Comes in protective packaging and sturdy boxes so no damage occurs during the transport. Mounting kit included.

Winter warmth

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