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Photographer: Nander Palma Sevilla
Model: Mother nature
Camera: Canon 6D Mark II - 85mm
Place: Saltholmen brygga (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Year: January 2022

The canvas structure enhances the natural look and feel of the image. - The canvas frames are made of FSC®-certified wood. If not available, PEFC or equivalent is used. 

- Thin canvas has a 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2 inch) thick frame - Heavy canvas has a 4 cm (1.6 inch) thick frame 
- Comes in protective packaging and sturdy boxes so no damage occurs during the transport. Mounting kit included.

The Sunset Swan story...

It was a cold Friday and my friend Rina asked me to join her to see the sunset at Saltholmen and catch up. When we arrived there was not a single person around, and the sun still had some minutes before touching the horizon.Winter days in Sweden are pretty short, so even if it is a sunset picture, this picture was taken around 14:00.As the sun goes down, I see a couple of swans getting closer and closer, I decided to get closer to the shore to get a closer picture, my camera battery was red and blinking, and I did not know how long it would last.Out of nowhere, I was there, about 3-4 meters away from 2 majestic swans (only fitted one in the picture) and had time for no more than 8-10 shots.When I went back to my friend Rina, she told me it was such a magic moment, since when I went to the shore, the swangs started to get closer as if they were not afraid of my presence. And they started to swim in the same spots as I took the pictures looking as if they were posing for the photograph. As soon as my battery died they continued swimming away from us.

I knew these pictures were going to be amazing.

Sunset Swan from Sunset Collection

Sunset Swan

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