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Photographer: Nander Palma Sevilla
Model: Mother nature
Camera: Canon 6D Mark II - 85mm
Place: Gothenburgs Botanic Garden (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Year: October 2020

This image was taking while taking a walk by the Gothenburgs Botanic Garden.

It was during the Pandemic times of Covid and there were not many events so we had a group of Nature photographers in Facebook and we decided to go for a walk and take some of the pre-autumn colors with our cameras.

The group is quite new but has a huge diversity of people coming from every corner around the world.

While we were walking I realized that since the trees at the entrance were quite separated from each other there was a really nice homogeneous pattern under each tree. 

This image shows the strong red of some Lönn leaeves. The reason why the leaves turn color from green to red is the proportion of chromatic pigments, while green leaves have a dominance of Chlorophyl, the yellow and reddish color is provided by the combination of Xanthophyl and Carotenoids. 

This photograph is one of the 3 soil photographs I did that day, together with a floor covered by yellow leaves and a third one with the green variant. 

Red Autumn representing the Autumn Collection.

The canvas structure enhances the natural look and feel of the image. - The canvas frames are made of FSC®-certified wood. If not available, PEFC or equivalent is used. - Thin canvas has a 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2 inch) thick frame - Heavy canvas has a 4 cm (1.6 inch) thick frame - Comes in protective packaging and sturdy boxes so no damage occurs during the transport. Mounting kit included.

Red Autumn

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