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Photographer: Nander Palma Sevilla
Model: Mother nature
Camera: Canon 6D Mark II - 85mm
Place: Saltholmen brygga (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Year: March 2022

It was March 2022 and I went on a hike with my flatmate by that moment Robin, my friend Sofie and some other friends.

We were doing a Bohusleden route, which links Gothenburg with Norway in around 30 linked routes, we were doing the number 4 and the forest just starting to get green, there were some reminders of ice and snow from the winter and we were starting to see some new green leaves.

I appreciated a dead fern laying on some blueberry bushes and it called my attention the dark red in contrast with the green and what fascinated me was checking the border of the fern leaves covered still in ice, making it a white contour.

So I was there taking pictures to the grass and my friends started to ask me if I was just checking some light test or some focus test since they did not see anything special there, but they realized when they saw the picture on the camera.

Really good day!

The canvas structure enhances the natural look and feel of the image. 

- The canvas frames are made of FSC®-certified wood. If not available, PEFC or equivalent is used.
- Thin canvas has a 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2 inch) thick frame 
- Heavy canvas has a 4 cm (1.6 inch) thick frame
- Comes in protective packaging and sturdy boxes so no damage occurs during the transport. Mounting kit included.

Autumn fern

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